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Social integration and dashboards
Par alan , 7 octobre 2013

THe marketing info 07 

At-a-glance evaluation of performance

Does this have to be made as an app or is a feature out of the box?

If it is meant to be a feature out of the box i dont see it.

The social integration (out of the box) could be stronger

Why not have admins register their twitter anf facebook account wth APP ids/OAuth so you can post seamlessly? Cross channel on paper sounds good but the ease and promise of novius could be smoother in getting the content to a channel.


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Menu control
Par alan , 4 octobre 2013

How do i control navigation elements ?


Eg how do I link to my blog?

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Created blog content but cant share
Par alan , 4 octobre 2013

Have created blog article.

How do I post to twitter? Share button does nothing.


Closer inspection reveals jquery error:

  1. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'ownerDocument' of undefined jquery-1.9.1.js:4392
    1. Sizzle.containsjquery-1.9.1.js:4392
    2. jQuery.extend.buildFragmentjquery-1.9.1.js:6538
    3. jQuery.fn.extend.domManipjquery-1.9.1.js:6129
    4. jQuery.fn.extend.afterjquery-1.9.1.js:5973
    5. jQuery.fn.(anonymous function)jquery-1.9.1.js:6342
    6. $.ajax.successjquery.novius-os.toolbar-crud.js:69
    7. firejquery-1.9.1.js:1037
    8. self.fireWithjquery-1.9.1.js:1148
    9. donejquery-1.9.1.js:8074
    10. callback


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Serverr error accessign meida and my account
Par alan , 26 septembre 2013

Tried two setups of chiba

Setup 1. MAMP PRo on local dev

Setup 2. Dedi server Centos OS php 5.3 mod suPHP

Both GUI installs

Both not completely smooth. MAMP ok but needed to use shared htaccess host to get the install to work on our dedicated box.

Raw logs dont show much useful info.

Fuel log shows errors like:


ERROR - 2013-09-26 00:39:23 --> Error - First parameter must be an array or ArrayAccess object. in /home/xxxxxx/subdomains/novius/novius-os/fuel-core/classes/arr.php on line 38

I can add a blog post but I cant seem to upload images.

I suspect there is some issue with permissions /modsuPHP and  or bugs.

Any where else I can look to debug/pointers welcome :)