Very good idea ! May be just in PRODUCTION's environnement ?
Do it is another story, but it would be great !
Par Gilles FELIX , 21 juin 2014 ·
Hello, Gilles,

Is it OK to have an option in local/config/config.php ? (Default disabled, since somebody may not like my idea.)
Par Fumito MIZUNO , 22 juin 2014 ·
May be an option it's too much. May be an event before: if someone want to do differently he can ?
Par Gilles FELIX , 22 juin 2014 ·
All right.
An event will be OK. If he/she wants not to use the expired cache, he/she can.
Par Fumito MIZUNO , 23 juin 2014 ·
Question : do you think you can make a PR for that or do you want that we add this feature request in our todo ?
Par Gilles FELIX , 23 juin 2014 ·
Could you add this feature request?
I am not good at handling database.
Par Fumito MIZUNO , 25 juin 2014 ·
Hi Fumito,

I've added this feature request in our redmine
Par Gilles FELIX , 26 juin 2014 ·
    ou Annuler
Show expired cache data when unable to connect to DB
Par Fumito MIZUNO , 21 juin 2014

Novius OS creates cache files.

Cache files are expired after a pre-defined time passed. That's OK.

When server cannot connect to DB for some reason,
I think that it will be better to show cached html even if expired, rather than showing "Database configuration error"