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Release of version 0.1.2
Par Julian Espérat , 23 octobre 2012

The major change is the possibility to install Novius OS on a shared hosting and / or in a subdirectory. Please refer to the updated documentation to get all the details (link below).

If you update, don't forget to run the migrations, as usual.

Changelog follows:


  • Refactoring: CRUD function form_item rename in from_item.
  • Refactoring: Novius OS can now be install in a sub-directory of a shared hosting, even
  • if public is not the DOCUMENT_ROOT.
  • Refactoring: Install process improvement, doesn't need to create directories anymore. Only changing files permissions.
  • Bugfix: Conflict between sortable and click events for launchers in the AppTab.
  • Bugfix: In wysiwyg, hide labels of Enhancer's actions links
  • Bugfix: Appdesk now listen all langs events, in case user switch the selected lang
  • Bugfix: BD request for Appdesk json test if LIMIT is not negative
  • Bugfix: CRUD's toolbar buttons not reloaded when event is delete the current item

    Blog & News
  • Bugfix: Blog and News stories, bad namespace and url for inspector's date.