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Release of 4.2 version, second intermediate version of Dubrovka
Par Gilles FELIX , 16 avril 2014

New features and improvements

  • Twinnable relations accept model_to not twinnable
  • Improved methods of Tools_Enhancer, they take into consideration the state of publication and transmit the parameters of the enhancer to the method getUrlEnhanced()
  • Adding event admin.launchers to add/remove launchers
  • New constant PUBLIC_DIR that contains the name of the public directory. Initialized to public by default if not set.
  • Add nosCellsSelected option in noslistgrid widget.
  • Form: Updating Webshims vendor to 1.12.5 version


  • Lazy load on Orm_Twinnable_HasMany relation
  • No highlight cells in grid widget
  • In twinnable relations delete(), deleting only after the delete of the last twin
  • In twinnable relations save(), create duplicate entries or deleting relations in some cases
  • Shared wysiwygs and medias are lost when deleting a twin
  • Remove a notice in enhancer popup controller
  • Remove a notice in 404 if the requested file have no extension
  • Blog /News: getUrlEnhanced() method now return false if post is not in categories of the enhancer
  • Form:
    • When answer grid contains file and large label
    • Captcha calculated and displayed whitout cache
    • jQuery and Modernizr are loaded only if they not already are
  • App wizard: force at least one category name


A reminder, above, link to upgrade page documentation.

Thank to:

@shaoshiva, @Foine, @jguyomard, @ounziw