This new version features a better cache system, advanced permissions, publishing schedule and more. We'll publish a blog post with the full details when the master release comes out.
Par Antoine Lefeuvre , 8 avril 2013 ·
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Future version 0.2.1 enters into rel.
Par Gilles FELIX , 8 avril 2013

Branch rel/0.2.1 has been opened Friday morning on all Novius OS repositories. In our jargon, 'rel' is between beta and RC. Basically, it means the development is over and we're now running quality checks.

The version 0.2.1 of documentation has also been opened. You can see release notes and the migration guide for more details. The english documentation is not yet complete, but it will be done before the official release. Don't hesitate to send us suggestions or push fixes on Github.

The version 0.2.1 of API documentation has also been opened.