It's a f... good idea !
IT can be generalized, with a behaviour, and the comments area could be added on every CRUD of model that implement this behaviour !
Par Gilles FELIX , 19 décembre 2013 ·
You can take a look on for a behaviour that automatically add a accordion in CRUD
Par Gilles FELIX , 19 décembre 2013 ·
Thanks, Gilles,

I will use
It may take time, since I take new-year vacation.
Par Fumito MIZUNO , 21 décembre 2013 ·
Good new year and good vacation !
Par Gilles FELIX , 21 décembre 2013 ·
I wrote a code
I added
'renderer' => '\Novius\Metadata\Renderer_Mymetadata',
to metadata_class.config.php

This enables to add comments in admin page area, as long as I change comment api.php from
$comm->comm_context = \Nos\Nos::main_controller()->getContext();
$comm->comm_context = 'main::en_GB';

Is this a way to use getContext() in admin page? Or this is not a good code?

Any suggestion will be welcome.
Par Fumito MIZUNO , 23 janvier 2014 ·
Hello Fumito.

The comment API was meant to be used in the Front-Office, this is why we retrieve the context from the Front_Controller.

You can make a pull request using this line (in the comment API), we'll merge it:
$comm->comm_context = !empty($data['comm_context']) ? $data['comm_context'] : \Nos\Nos::main_controller()->getContext();

Then you can just add 'comm_context' => $item->get_context() in the $data array when you add the comment and it should work fine.
Par Julian Espérat , 23 janvier 2014 ·
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Comments area for Page edit
Par Fumito MIZUNO , 19 décembre 2013

I'm planning to add comments area for Page edit.

It's not for site visitors.
It's for site managers.

Websites are often managed by several people. If there is a place for discussion on each page, it will make more efficient in management.


User1 "This page needs update."
User2 "I agree." 

UserA "I created a draft. Is that OK to publish?"
UserB "OK. I set to publish this page on Tomorrow morning."