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Chiba 2.3.3 : a minor version before christmas
Par Gilles FELIX , 20 décembre 2013


  • Page's Renderer_Selector now accepts checkboxes, not only radiobuttons
  • Improving of 404, allowing to use novius_ftplite app to add custom robots.txt (favicon or humans.txt)


  • regression, the event front.start takes into account modifications of cache_path
  • in popups enhancer that use fields config, opening and closing the form with fieldset methods (calling of build_append and build_js_validation)
  • updating url_enhanced file when changing the virtual_path of one ancestor of an url_enhanced page
  • case of a checkbox in common fields, when is disabled, CRUD always saves it like unchecked
  • adding WYSIWYG's IE11 compatibility
  • In Appdesk, aborting previous search request before send the new one
  • Renderer_Date_Picker and Renderer_Datetime_Picker ignore value attribute in standalone case ::renderer()
  • inverting cache duration (600s in developpement, 3600s in production)


  • Allowing to add link or script tags in image_fields


  • Bugfix : the event noviusos_form::data_validation makes a warning if it returns nothing