Hi Fumito !

Thanks for this contribution. We have discussed it with my colleagues and you definitely got a point.

There is at the moment still a debate going on. Creating one additional launcher to create an item (blog post, page...), would quickly overload the desktop. But we think that we should allow the user to have these kind of shortcuts.

Some team members think we should show a list of possible actions (create item, create folder, create category...) when hovering a launcher with the mouse, but nothing has been decided yet.

Feel free to suggest some ideas!

Par Sébastien Drouyer , 17 septembre 2013 ·
My idea is,
Users can turn on the "new post" icon, if he/she wishes.

Hovering a launcher will not be good for users who access via tablets, since tablets usually not have mouse. If there is a substitute for onmouse effects, that's OK.
Par Fumito MIZUNO , 18 septembre 2013 ·
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"Blog newpost" icon on the Admin home
Par Fumito MIZUNO , 17 septembre 2013

When I write a new blog post, 

  1. go to the Admin home.
  2. click "Blog" (go to the blog list page.)
  3. click "Add a post" (go to the new post page)

"Blog newpost" icon on the Admin home makes easier to write a new blog post.