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Novius OS coding standards
By Antoine Lefeuvre , 27 September 2012

We've just released the coding standards we now follow for all developments (dev and feature branches, master/0.1 is not concerned).

To guarantee code compliance, a PHP CodeSniffer script has been integrated to our CI server.

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Novius OS' continuous integration server is up and running
By Antoine Lefeuvre , 27 September 2012

There have been talks about Continuous Integration (CI) in the Novius OS team for many months now, but we never took action. Until last week. As Novius OS' first stable version (0.1) is out, stability and quality is now amongst our top priorities. We couldn't afford to go on without a CI server any longer.

We chose Travis CI, "a hosted continuous integration service for the open source community". Travis is an online service for projects hosted on GitHub.

Once we had Travis running, we created the most urgent tests:

  • Make sure the demo works normally
  • Make sure the install procedure goes OK

For these tests, we use CasperJS (based on PhantomJS, hence the name). PhantomJS uses WebKit rendering engine, without UI, actionable through a JavaScript API. CasperJS' role is to allow you browse a site and run tests through a JavaScript API too.

Getting started with CasperJS is really easy. It is intuitive and well-documented.

Here is Novius OS' CI repositery: