By Gilles FELIX , 4 August 2013 ∑

If you want that google pretiffy script on every page of your site, the simplest is to add the script tag in the template view

For example, if you use the templates_basic of Novius OS, in local/application/noviusos_templates_basic/views/left_menu.view.php or local/application/noviusos_templates_basic/views/top_menu.view.php.

If you just want to use google pretiffy in a specific WYSIWYG, you can try this application

Install it, then you can insert HTML code (even an iframe or script) in any wysiwyg.

Thanks. After editing these lines google pretify is working. After this we have to clear cache from admin panel which is available in admin panel at webpage (This is for user who will have same question.so giving a tips :) ) Second thing, I installed the app but it did not work. I am using <pre> code with classname . Can you give me some example how can I write . I am system admin with some coding interest.
By sharad , 4 August 2013 ∑
I used the html code in blog post I got this error.
Enhancer felixgilles_htmlcode (felixgilles_htmlcode/front/main) returned empty content. In html code I wrote <pre> jddkdhkdhdjhd </pre>
By sharad , 4 August 2013 ∑
Shame on me: I have tested only on home page. The application don't work on others pages with html extension.

I spend a hour on Xdebug. The bug is in the Route class of FuelPHP v1.5
By Gilles FELIX , 5 August 2013 ∑

This line checks if the extension (html in our case) is in the requested URI: felixgilles_htmlcode contains html, so it truncates the 5 last characters (/main) and the router can't find the good method in controller.

I can't change the FuelPHP code. So, I have rename my front controller method to index (the default method for a controller). It's fixed ! You can updated the application.

Thanks once again, It works . I tested it. Now I can play with some other javascript. Kudos for this good work. I am really gonna write this trick in my blog. Do you guys have any wiki or page where the people can submit their tricks for eg. exchange.nagios.com , Here the Nagios team paste the link of website or blog who writes about nagios,nagios plugins and tricks. If it exists it will be awesome.
By sharad , 5 August 2013 ∑
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I want to use code viewer in blog post and pages
By sharad , 3 August 2013

I want to use google pretiffy in my staging website.

I want to just put the google prettify script url in file. I tried in some files but not able to do so. How may I implement this in my entire website.

I do not want to download js