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Version 0.1.4 is out
By Antoine Lefeuvre , 27 November 2012

A long series of bugfixes for this new version:


  • Bugfix: the front office's post-process is now executed before the cache is written.
  • Bugfix: Widget_Media in mode all (on server-side)
  • Bugfix: the Sortable Behaviour has been improved.
  • Bugfix: a locked page cannot be be deleted using the toolbar's delete button any longer.
  • Bugfix: 0.1.3 regression, it was impossible to insert an enhancer into a WYSIWYG.


  • Bugfix: new test on the public/media folder (must be writeable). Thanks to @mvy

Blog & News

  • Bugfix: the categories widget of the enhancer now uses the nosLang parameter.
  • Bugfix: Front office: the object instances are no longer filtered by the views. htmlentities is now systematically used.
  • Bugfix: fixes and optimisations for the get_all method of Model_Post (for the front office).
  • Bugfix: the front controller didn't use the selected category (enhancer parameters). 
  • Bugfix: Enhancer parameters: the selected category is now reselected when edited.