I've added the Portuguese, can you give me your pootle username (on translate.novius-os.org) or create an account if you didn't already? I need it to give you permission to actually submit the translations (instead of only be allowed to do suggestions).

By Julian Espérat , 11 April 2014 ·
I had started posting suggested translations to Portuguese for Novius OS Dubrovka
, but then I realized I may be suggesting Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) translations to a Portugal Portuguese (pt-PT) translation initiative, since Candeias looks like a Portuguese (pt-PT) last name.
Since there is a huge difference in the vocabulary used in computing, I would suggest opening a different translation branch for Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR).
You may assign the Brazilian Portuguese translation to me.
My Pootle username is wagnerfmo
Also, permission to submit the translations instead of only suggesting will be welcome.
By Wags , 8 May 2014 ·
Tudo bom ?!

Sorry this is my only words in portuguese :(

I've just made some changes in our translation plateform:
- I validated all your suggestions in Portuguese language
- I opened the language Portuguese (Brazil) and imported Portuguese files
- I gave you submit right for Portuguese and Portuguese (Brazil) languages

And many thanks for this contribution !!!
By Gilles FELIX , 13 May 2014 ·
    ou Annuler
Translation to Portuguese
By mcandeias , 9 April 2014


Please add the Portuguese language so I may start the translation process.