I'm glad you ask us about translation as Novius OS translations platform is about to be launched. We've test-runned with the translation into French.

As we've announced this morning in a blog post dedicated to the release of Novius OS 0.2, we'll publish within 10 days all the details regarding the translation of Novius OS.

I'll also post a message here once the details are available.

I keep you updated then. A Russian translation of Novius would be awesome!
By Antoine Lefeuvre , 4 February 2013 ·

There you go: All the details about translating Novius OS have been published http://www.novius-os.org/blog-news/translate-novius-os.html.
We've also added the Russian translation files to our Pootle server http://translate.novius-os.org/ru/nos2/.

You should now have everything you need to get started. If you need support, feel free to contact us here or by email (translate at novius-os dot org).

Many thanks for your contribution to Novius OS!
Talk to you soon
By Antoine Lefeuvre , 21 February 2013 ·
    ou Annuler
By sladjan , 3 February 2013

Also I would like to translate on russian language, but I don't know what exactly files need to translate.