I'm not sure to really understand. By experience, I know that when we talk about template, we not all put the same meaning behind. And Novius OS has not a common template system.

Yes you can make your own template.
I imagine that you have already read this documention page :
My advice: create a new application only for your new template.

Question : the others features of your site don't use Novius OS ?
By Gilles FELIX , 26 December 2013 ·
Hi thanks for that. . My site has been online since but you are correct in thinking I should change everything to Novius.
By Howard , 26 December 2013 ·
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Template use
By Howard , 26 December 2013

I have a current whole page template on my site.  It has a drop down menu as the header and adsense advertising in left and right colums with content in the middle and a footer across the bottom.

My question is can I use such a template on Novius if I add the css to the header and the 

<div id="content">

        <?= $wysiwyg['content']; ?>


for content.

My site contains other features apart from news, such as directory and other features which all use the same template, hence my wish to do so here. Thanks, I realise this is a way-out question.