Version D enter in RC process

- Branches rel/d (principal and submodules repo) will only accept bugfixes commits that not change the API
- The Novius OS demo has been updated with Version D. If you encounter a bug in the demo, do not hesitate to report it.
- If nothing significant is raised until next week, version D will unveil its official name.
By Gilles FELIX , 27 January 2014 ·
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Start of Beta for D version of Novius OS
By Gilles FELIX , 14 January 2014

The perimeter of the D version is now frozen. The objective is an official release in almost a month.

You can already test this version (in GIT mode) and make us returns, especially if you speak Russian or Spanish, or that you are a strong supporter of Interlingue (Occidental)
Documentation has been updated including the Release Notes and Migration Guide.