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Sortie de la 0.1.1

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Voici la liste des changements :
By Julian Espérat , 3 October 2012


  • Bugfix: non-image media now displays properly in front-office
  • Page: the boxes 'URL' and 'SEO' are now hidden when editing an external link
  • RSS: removed data catchers, replaced with a Tools_RSS class (Blog and News applications were updated accordingly)
  • CRUD: actions buttons are now refreshed upon change
  • Behaviour: the url() method now only generates URL for the authorised enhancers' item
  • Updated the front-office blank slate to remove 404 links
  • Installation: now checks the directive short_open_tag is active
  • DB cleanup: removed unused columns


  • Better spam checking management (in addition to RE-Captcha)

Blog & News

  • Re-added the visualisation count stat for post items
  • Bugfix for main list pagination