Hi Vadim,

We have notice your request. For now, we are in week-end and don't have all tools to open a new translation. The team will do that tomorow, monday.

It's a great news and we are very happy !

Good luck and don't hesitate to question us if you have a problem.
By Gilles FELIX , 20 October 2013 ·
It's ok!
By Vadim Oparin , 20 October 2013 ·
Hi Vadim,

I just added the strings for Russian into our pootle :
By Julian Espérat , 21 October 2013 ·
I'm really pleased, it's great, thank you.
By Vadim Oparin , 21 October 2013 ·
I meet one small problem. In russian, we have two different forms for plural. First - for numerals 2, 3, 4, and second - for higher numbers. I know that in other frameworks they solved this problem. But I didn't know, do FuelPHP can work with these two forms of plurals?
By Vadim Oparin , 21 October 2013 ·
Hi @Vadim,

We are allready aware of this problem (we have thought after you post your proposition). We don't have the solution right now, but we must solve this issue.

I propose to you that you concentrate on singular labels in a first time. Time for us to find a solution.

It's OK for you ?
By Gilles FELIX , 21 October 2013 ·
It's OK, I can translate all messages, but after we must add messages for small numerals, that's all, I think.
By Vadim Oparin , 22 October 2013 ·
I don't think FuelPHP handles the multi-plural problem. But hopefully we don't care, because we use our own system to handle the translations. We should be able to find a solution :)
By Julian Espérat , 22 October 2013 ·
Sounds great. :)
By Vadim Oparin , 22 October 2013 ·
Ready, I put a draft of translation into your pootle.
By Vadim Oparin , 27 October 2013 ·
I also created a Wikipedia article about Novius OS in Russian. Could you contribute me in filling its content?
By Vadim Oparin , 28 October 2013 ·
You're awesome Vadim !!!

I'm back to work this monday and the "plurial issue" is on week's todo list.
By Gilles FELIX , 28 October 2013 ·
Very good.

I read about the Plural, and marveled at how it's complicated:

- all that ends with 1 (including 1, but excluding 11, 111, 211, 1011, 1111 etc) requires Singular Nominative;
- all that ends with 2 (including 2, but excluding 12, 112, 212, 1012, 1112 etc) requires Singular Genetive;
- the rest (including 0) requires Plural Genetive.
By Vadim Oparin , 28 October 2013 ·
Second line concerns 3 and 4 too.
By Vadim Oparin , 28 October 2013 ·
Hi Vadim,

I've validated all your translation in pootle. @Antoine has changed your permissions, now you can validate yourself.

We've studied the plural issue. It seem that we can improve our i18n API without too much work, I work on it.

Now we look to import your translations for the next release.

Thank a lot !!!
By Gilles FELIX , 29 October 2013 ·
Hi Felix!

Great news!

Next weekend I plan to check and correct translation.

I will install Novius OS and check the translation in it.
By Vadim Oparin , 30 October 2013 ·
Also, set up the GitHub repo for Russian documentation, please.
By Vadim Oparin , 30 October 2013 ·
Hi Vadim,

First: we have a command tool to import PO files into Novius OS.
Just clone the ci repo in the root of your Novius OS
Then create a import directory in ci/i18n/ and put PO files in it.
Launch import.sh

Second: OK, I've notice on my todo to open a Russian documentation repo.
I tells you when it's done
By Gilles FELIX , 30 October 2013 ·
OK, thank you.
By Vadim Oparin , 30 October 2013 ·
Also, to add the Russian language in the language choice menu, you will need to edit framework/config/config.php under the 'novius-os.locales' section.
Have fun :)
By Julian Espérat , 30 October 2013 ·
Thanks. :)
By Vadim Oparin , 30 October 2013 ·
Hi Vadim,

The work on plural issue is pretty advanced. API is OK, import/export OK, we just have issues with some messages (multiple plurals and plural mechanism in javascript).
In French, 1st November is holiday, so we finish this work next week.

I've create a repo for russian documentation:
You have push and pull permissions on it.

Usually, ReadThedocs builds are automatically launched. But some times, it don't builds the good branch and builds only the "latest" (but we don't want this branch).

By Gilles FELIX , 31 October 2013 ·

Now I continue to correct errors in the translation, and partially translated (and partially downloaded translations for) javascript interface. Explain to me please, how to switch plugins to another language.
By Vadim Oparin , 5 November 2013 ·

What do you mean by "downloaded translations for) javascript interface" and "how to switch plugins to another language" ? Like in wysiwyg editor ?
By Gilles FELIX , 6 November 2013 ·
Like in wysiwyg editor, yes. Datapicker, jquery, etc.
By Vadim Oparin , 6 November 2013 ·
In javascript, the locale of current user is stored in $.nosLang


All javascript plugins are initialized with this variable or the language part of this variable (2 first characters)


For common vendor librairies, translation files are available on their website : we will add them when we will activate russian in Novius OS.
But for the wysiwyg, we have specific texts. Actualy, they are not translated in japanese because we have not identified them.
But we also work on the way we use tinyMCE. That will be more easy to use and also to translate.

So, do not worry about that now, I will tell you when this is ready.
By Gilles FELIX , 6 November 2013 ·
Zehr gut, thanks a lot. :)
By Vadim Oparin , 6 November 2013 ·
    ou Annuler
Russian language
By Vadim Oparin , 20 October 2013


I started working on a Russian translation of Novius OS Chiba 2, and intend to continue. Please add the Russian language in the list.

Thank you.

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