Hi fumito !

It's awesome !

I've forked your gist and made some changes. Take a look :


- I use the foundation grid to display dl/dt/dd
- I've displayed only inputs of previous pages

You will make an application which extends noviusos_form with this feature ?
By Gilles FELIX , 8 November 2013 ·
Hello, Giiles,

I applied your gist code. It works fine.

I think it's worth default for noviusos_form. Do you like it?
By Fumito MIZUNO , 9 November 2013 ·
Hi Fumito,

There is a bug in my code for the adaptation to the grid: each pair dt/dd must be in a row. But it's peanuts.

I really like the idea !
My opinion: this can become an option in noviusos_form. But I'm not the only decision maker :)

Since a moment we apply a new strategy: we made a lot of features in external applications (in Github novius account or in team member account). Some of them could migrate in the core in future. It's been the case for novius_mediamassupload in Chiba 2 version.
I love this strategy. May be, we can also apply it for this feature ?
By Gilles FELIX , 9 November 2013 ·
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Novius OS Form: view data you have entered, when you click next page link.
By Fumito MIZUNO , 8 November 2013

noviusos_form can split pages.

When you click next page, the data you have entered is no longer shown.

The code https://gist.github.com/ounziw/7364590 appends the form data on top of the form.
You can view what you have entered in the previos pages.


There is one problem: if form fields have default values, they are always shown. 

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