Novius OS 0.2 was released on Wednesday. All the info here:
By Antoine Lefeuvre , 4 February 2013 ·
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Novius OS 0.2 to be released in January
By Antoine Lefeuvre , 20 December 2012

Hello all,

For two weeks now we've been working on the 'rel' branch. This means the developments are over and we're now focusing on quality: debugging, tests, UI reviews, documentation and so forth.

We planned on releasing Novius OS 0.2 in December but we finally need a few extra weeks. Sorry for this delay but we won't compromise on quality. Besides, you'll see that version 0.2 is well worth the wait.

Stay tuned to Novius OS Twitter or RSS feeds for updates in January.

Until then, happy holidays to you all!

(P.S. We will be off from Dec 22nd to Jan 6th)