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Migrate to 0.1 from a previous version
By Julian Espérat , 27 September 2012

Hi everybody,

This message only concerns people who installed Novius OS before the 0.1 version was release and who want to update their current installation and / or the applications they created.

About Novius OS (core + bundled applications), migrations from the attached file needs to be run (after the files were updated using GIT).

About custom applications, here us the list of changes:

  • The order of parameters for javascript actions now always is callback(ui, data) (sometimes callback(data, ui) was used)
  • CRUD: "edit / translate", "visualise" and "delete" actions are now automatic by default
  • appdesk.grid.proxyUrl => appdesk.grid.urlJson
  • appdesk.adds => appdesk.buttons
  • All $object variables were renamed to $item (inside the views)
  • Behaviour_Tree : find_parent() was deleted (use get_parent() instead)
  • Sharable : for the image type, the list of possibles choices is now named "options" (was "possible")
  • CRUD views:

    * $view_params['item'] needs to be replaced by $item
    * $view_params[fieldset] needs to be replaced by$fiedlset
    * Every other $view_params['*']  need to be replaced by $crud['*']

Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problem with the migration.