Actually, Novius OS has an huge hole : it come without a decent template and the applications store no contains template.

But the things change. The next version will be a big step in that direction. If all goes right, the E version will be launched in june.

But if you look for a template right now, you can look at this application :
By Gilles FELIX , 20 May 2014 ·

It works in the current version of Novius OS. You've just have to download it in your local/application directory and install it in your apps manager.

After, you will have 4 more templates: two builded with Bootstrap, 2 others builded with Fundation. You can configure them, layout and skin.

If you want to create your own template, you have to create an application with a template. And I suggest you to read this part of the documentation

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How can i theme / skin novius-os?
By mjkrakowski , 20 May 2014


it sounds like a very easy to answer question, but i was unable to find anything about themes or skins. i looked into the docs and googled but i wasnt able to change the frontpage look.

Many thanks for answers