Version: Novius OS 5.0.1 Elche of course
By VinnieFIN , 25 September 2014 ·

it's always nice to see more people interested in translating Novius OS.

I added the finnish language to Novius OS project on Pootle. Are you familiar with the platform? I need your username to give you the permission to add translation, you may have to create an account.

Thanks in advance!
By Victor ALBERT , 25 September 2014 ·
My Pootle username are VinnieFIN.
Pootle arent so familiar yet, but yesterday I read few online-guides.
By VinnieFIN , 26 September 2014 ·

I generated the empty files and uploaded them in pootle.

You now also have the right to update the translation.

Don't hesitate if you need something else :)

Thank you.
By Foine , 26 September 2014 ·
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finnish language
By VinnieFIN , 25 September 2014

I'd love to translate excellent Novius to finnish language.