during step 4 of the setup, you were asked to select a main language for your website. If you decide to translate your website into another language (eg, english), you'll see another available language when creating a new webpage, and the possibility to translate a german page into an english one.

See the example in the demo here, where the main context is english but both french and japanese are available for your website :
By Victor ALBERT , 17 July 2014 ·

The Switch-Laguage-Menu you're refering to is there to change de language of your back end. Theses languages are limited in number and correspond to the available translations of Novius OS.

You can see all the available languages for Novius OS back end here :

As you can see, German is (unfortunately) unavailable.

You can contribute to Novius OS by adding german translation if you need it, we'll be happy to support you in this effort :)

And do not hesitate to ask more if needed or if I'm not being really clear.

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Can't select German Language
By osuess , 17 July 2014


allthough I set the German languge as the default one during setup, sites aren't in german, nor can I select german from the Switch-Language-Menue.

What is wrong?