Do you have errors in logs/fuel/2014/02/15.php (or 16, 17 by current date) ?
By Gilles FELIX , 15 February 2014 ·
He there,

I also have what looks like the same problem. I checked in Fuel's log but nothing there. However, Firebug gives me these two JavaScript errors:

Error: Script error for: jquery.cookie
Line 166

Error: Load timeout for modules: wijmo.wijtabs
Line 166

I'm not that familiar with Require.js so I have no quick idea on what that might mean exactly, but that's certainly a clue that's worth investigating.
By Raphael , 6 December 2014 ·
Hello there,

sometimes, firebug make requirejs bug. Can you try without firebug activated ?

I can't see your website because of apache authetication.
By Foine , 9 December 2014 ·
Well, the problem actually was that mod_security was activated on the server and that prevented Apache from serving jquery.cookie.js (yep, that file *name* specifically). So I just asked my web hosting provider to disable that mod for my account and that solved the issue.
By Raphael , 9 December 2014 ·
Okay ! Thank you for telling us how to solve this issue :)
By Foine , 10 December 2014 ·
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apps not displaying
By A.G , 15 February 2014

when i click on any of the app buttons they just load to a blank white tab and nothing in them