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Add Japanese URL filtering to friendly_slug
By Fumito MIZUNO , 13 September 2014


I created a URL filtering which covers Japanese chars.



Is this a good idea to add this code into core's  framework/config/friendly_slug.config.php ?

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JayPS Search, a fulltext search engine based on behaviours
By JayPS , 25 November 2013


Months ago, I've started to write a search engine for Novius OS to easily index and query any models in your project.

After several beta versions, I've recently published a version 1.0. I'm now using it daily on many production websites, with several thousands of indexed objects.

License: MIT

Source code: https://github.com/jay3/jayps_search
Examples: https://github.com/jay3/jayps_search_test

Everything works with a behaviour. All you have to do is to add it to the models you want to query.
When you save your objects, keywords are extracted from specified fields and saved in the database.
You can later query them using the find() method of the orm, and mix keywords search with others.


To use the search with find(), simply provide an array of keywords. '*' acts as a joker at the end.

$pages = NosPageModel_Page::find('all', array(
    'where' => array(
        array('keywords', 'chimpa* monkey'),
        'page_published' => 1,
        'page_context'   => NosNos::main_controller()->getPage()->page_context,
    'rows_limit' => 10,
    'order_by' => array('jayps_search_score', 'page_title'),


You can add the behaviour directly in your model file, or in your bootstrap.php using events. Your can possibility add an "indexation date" field in your database.

Event::register_function('config|jayps_search::config', function(&$config) {
    $config['observed_models']['noviusos_page::model/page'] = array(
        'primary_key' => 'page_id',
        'config_behaviour' => array(
            'fields' => array('page_title', 'wysiwygs->content'),
    $config['observed_models']['myapp::model/mymodel'] = array(
        'primary_key' => 'mode_id',
        'config_behaviour' => array(
            'fields' => array('mode_title', 'mode_description'),
            'field_date_indexation' => 'mode_date_indexation'

Event::register_function('front.start', function() {
    // init all relations

Index objects:

Object are automatically reindex when you save them (save() triggers the interval __index() method of the behaviour)

Your can reindex objects. Example:
    $pages = NosPageModel_Page::find('all', array(
        'limit' => 50,
    foreach ($pages as $page) {

I hope it can help you


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Application Media Mass Upload
By Gilles FELIX , 26 July 2013

Another new application. MMU (Media Mass Upload) adds a link « Add many files at once » in the toolbar of the media center. This link opens a new tab with an upload files interface. You can add multiple files, choose to unzip zip files before import, and the directory target of the media center where to import. If you choose to unzip, the tree of the zip will be create in the media center.

Developed for Novius Agency, the application is distibuted in open-source (AGPL v3 licence as usual) and works under Novius OS Chiba 1. MMU is also compatible with the futur Chiba 2 but the feature could become native in the « D » version.

Feel free to suggest improvements or report bugs (via Github bugtracker).

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Application FTPLite
By Gilles FELIX , 25 July 2013

The need is quite simple: allow a referencer to upload SEO files without giving him FTP access to the public directory of your Novius OS.

Developed for Novius Agency , FTP Lite application meets this need.

FTP Lite was Implemented on Chiba 1, but will be also compatible on Chiba 2. It is open-source, under the AGPL v3 license as Novius OS is.

Feel free to suggest improvements or report bugs (via Github bugtracker).

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I want to use code viewer in blog post and pages
By sharad , 3 August 2013

I want to use google pretiffy in my staging website.

I want to just put the google prettify script url in file. I tried in some files but not able to do so. How may I implement this in my entire website.

I do not want to download js