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noviusos_form: When I select "Other", another textarea is shown to fill in the details
By Fumito MIZUNO , 5 January 2015


I modified noviusos_form. I added a condition field-group for each text/radio/checkbox etc.


Some forms are shown when the condition is met.

Example Usage: When I select "Other", another textarea is shown to fill in the details.


In the picture shown below,

Form name to Check: => radio_1
Show when the value is: => Other

The field is shown when the value of radio_1 field is Other.

Form name to Check is a virtual name, in the Technical options field-group.
So it assumes "expert view." 

Do you like the idea? If yes, I will make a pull request.

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Limits users' login based on preset IPs. IPs are defined for each user.
By Fumito MIZUNO , 17 October 2014

Hello, I created an application which limits users' login based on preset IPs. IPs are defined for each user.

I hope this application helps to make Novius OS more secure.



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Glossary. Translating words/phrases
By Fumito MIZUNO , 22 September 2014

Novius OS allows to create a page from one language to another.

It will be much better, if some words/phrases are translated automatically.

When words are found in Glossary (apple => pomme, ...), they are translated.




Here is a sample code.


    function translate_from_glossary($content)


        // @TODO  glossary should be defined in config file or DB

        // @TODO  example is Englsh => Francais. but it should consider other languages.

        $glossary = array(





        foreach ($glossary as $from => $to)


            // words in the glossary will be translated.

            // separaters are space, period, and comma. start/end will be considered as separater

            // @TODO  capital letters. inflection.

            $from_regex = '(\s|\.|,|^)(' . $from . ')(\s|\.|,|$)';

            $to_regex = '\\1' . $to . '\\3';

            $content = mb_ereg_replace($from_regex, $to_regex, $content);



        return $content;


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Enter Password when Changing User Information
By Fumito MIZUNO , 7 August 2014


I propose to enter the password, when users change their information.

Novius OS Elche (and probably other version) allows users to change ther information, such as Email, Password. They can change them without entering the current password.
If users share the computer, other people can change the password. Entering the password before setting a new password will solve the problem.

The image below is a Google's Password Change Form.

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Show expired cache data when unable to connect to DB
By Fumito MIZUNO , 21 June 2014

Novius OS creates cache files.

Cache files are expired after a pre-defined time passed. That's OK.

When server cannot connect to DB for some reason,
I think that it will be better to show cached html even if expired, rather than showing "Database configuration error"


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<html lang="***">
By Fumito MIZUNO , 22 April 2014

I create a template.

I change the lang attribute, according to the page context.

<html lang="<?php echo substr($page->get_context(),6,2);?>">



I hope it is helpful to many users. I propose to add this functionality to Novius OS Core. (maybe Controller_Front class.)

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DOCROOT changeable
By Fumito MIZUNO , 14 April 2014

In novius-os/framework/bootstrap.php #L26, DOCROOT is fixed.




In some servers, the folder of webroot is fixed (public, public_html, htdocs, etc.) I mean "fixed" is "Users(not root) of the server cannot change it." It works if I change the #L26, as shown below.




I think the code below is better. 


define('PUBLIC_DIR', 'public');


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Comments area for Page edit
By Fumito MIZUNO , 19 December 2013

I'm planning to add comments area for Page edit.

It's not for site visitors.
It's for site managers.

Websites are often managed by several people. If there is a place for discussion on each page, it will make more efficient in management.


User1 "This page needs update."
User2 "I agree." 

UserA "I created a draft. Is that OK to publish?"
UserB "OK. I set to publish this page on Tomorrow morning." 

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Novius OS Form: view data you have entered, when you click next page link.
By Fumito MIZUNO , 8 November 2013

noviusos_form can split pages.

When you click next page, the data you have entered is no longer shown.

The code https://gist.github.com/ounziw/7364590 appends the form data on top of the form.
You can view what you have entered in the previos pages.


There is one problem: if form fields have default values, they are always shown. 

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"Blog newpost" icon on the Admin home
By Fumito MIZUNO , 17 September 2013

When I write a new blog post, 

  1. go to the Admin home.
  2. click "Blog" (go to the blog list page.)
  3. click "Add a post" (go to the new post page)

"Blog newpost" icon on the Admin home makes easier to write a new blog post.