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Release of version 0.1.2
By Julian Espérat , 23 October 2012

The major change is the possibility to install Novius OS on a shared hosting and / or in a subdirectory. Please refer to the updated documentation to get all the details (link below).

If you update, don't forget to run the migrations, as usual.

Changelog follows:


  • Refactoring: CRUD function form_item rename in from_item.
  • Refactoring: Novius OS can now be install in a sub-directory of a shared hosting, even
  • if public is not the DOCUMENT_ROOT.
  • Refactoring: Install process improvement, doesn't need to create directories anymore. Only changing files permissions.
  • Bugfix: Conflict between sortable and click events for launchers in the AppTab.
  • Bugfix: In wysiwyg, hide labels of Enhancer's actions links
  • Bugfix: Appdesk now listen all langs events, in case user switch the selected lang
  • Bugfix: BD request for Appdesk json test if LIMIT is not negative
  • Bugfix: CRUD's toolbar buttons not reloaded when event is delete the current item

    Blog & News
  • Bugfix: Blog and News stories, bad namespace and url for inspector's date.
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New minor version for Novius OS Elche : 5.0.1
By Foine , 30 July 2014

Hello everyone !

Today was published the frst minor version of Novius OS Elche.

This version 5.0.1 essentially contains bugfixes, but also has two beautiful new features :

  • The Japanese language has been updated and now contains all the new features introduced in Elche
  • The twinable relations have been enhanced to provide more flexibility for developers.

To know more about all the changes, you can consult the changelog :

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Release Chiba 2.4
By Gilles FELIX , 20 January 2014

The main reason of this version is for solved the issue of metadatas saved with labels translated.

Others new features:

    Considers cache dirty if cache duration changes
    Add a lock mechanism on images resized generation
    Init all relation types to empty in models

And many others bugfixes

A reminder, above, link to upgrade page documentation.

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Novius OS Dubrovka, the 4th major version, is out
By Antoine Lefeuvre , 10 February 2014
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Release of Novius OS Elche, the 5th major version
By Antoine Lefeuvre , 8 July 2014
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Release of 4.2 version, second intermediate version of Dubrovka
By Gilles FELIX , 16 April 2014

New features and improvements

  • Twinnable relations accept model_to not twinnable
  • Improved methods of Tools_Enhancer, they take into consideration the state of publication and transmit the parameters of the enhancer to the method getUrlEnhanced()
  • Adding event admin.launchers to add/remove launchers
  • New constant PUBLIC_DIR that contains the name of the public directory. Initialized to public by default if not set.
  • Add nosCellsSelected option in noslistgrid widget.
  • Form: Updating Webshims vendor to 1.12.5 version


  • Lazy load on Orm_Twinnable_HasMany relation
  • No highlight cells in grid widget
  • In twinnable relations delete(), deleting only after the delete of the last twin
  • In twinnable relations save(), create duplicate entries or deleting relations in some cases
  • Shared wysiwygs and medias are lost when deleting a twin
  • Remove a notice in enhancer popup controller
  • Remove a notice in 404 if the requested file have no extension
  • Blog /News: getUrlEnhanced() method now return false if post is not in categories of the enhancer
  • Form:
    • When answer grid contains file and large label
    • Captcha calculated and displayed whitout cache
    • jQuery and Modernizr are loaded only if they not already are
  • App wizard: force at least one category name


A reminder, above, link to upgrade page documentation.

Thank to:

@shaoshiva, @Foine, @jguyomard, @ounziw

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Release of 4.1 version, first intermediate version of Dubrovka.
By Gilles FELIX , 6 March 2014

New features and improvements

  • Front Controller:
    • New methods setItemDisplayed() and getItemDisplayed().
    • setItemDisplayed() set automatically title, h1, meta_description and meta_keywords.
    • setItemDisplayed() triggers the event front.setItemDisplayed.
    • New setH1() method.
    • setTitle(), setH1(), setMetaDescription(), setMetaKeywords() methods take a template by second parameter (the default template can be set by config). The page's property is available in the template with a placeholder.
    • The method addJavascriptInline() detects the use of tag <script>.
  • Appdesk:
    • The search bar layout is improved
    • New possible config key multiContextHide for inspectors
    • Performance improved with a javascript refactoring: use of wijsplitter only if need.
    • Improving the resize process.
  • Relation Twinnable_ManyMany: Improving of the join() method. Adding the main_context condition.
  • Behaviour Twinnable: Improving performance of save operation by avoiding to save twins if not needed.
  • Behaviour sortable: Add config key sort_twins, default to true.

Many bugfixes

And also many bug fixes. I let you read the changelog to see it.


A reminder, above, link to upgrade page documentation.

Thank to

@vrcAlbert, @Foine, @jay3

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Start of Beta for D version of Novius OS
By Gilles FELIX , 14 January 2014

The perimeter of the D version is now frozen. The objective is an official release in almost a month.

You can already test this version (in GIT mode) and make us returns, especially if you speak Russian or Spanish, or that you are a strong supporter of Interlingue (Occidental)
Documentation has been updated including the Release Notes and Migration Guide.

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Chiba 2.3.3 : a minor version before christmas
By Gilles FELIX , 20 December 2013


  • Page's Renderer_Selector now accepts checkboxes, not only radiobuttons
  • Improving of 404, allowing to use novius_ftplite app to add custom robots.txt (favicon or humans.txt)


  • regression, the event front.start takes into account modifications of cache_path
  • in popups enhancer that use fields config, opening and closing the form with fieldset methods (calling of build_append and build_js_validation)
  • updating url_enhanced file when changing the virtual_path of one ancestor of an url_enhanced page
  • case of a checkbox in common fields, when is disabled, CRUD always saves it like unchecked
  • adding WYSIWYG's IE11 compatibility
  • In Appdesk, aborting previous search request before send the new one
  • Renderer_Date_Picker and Renderer_Datetime_Picker ignore value attribute in standalone case ::renderer()
  • inverting cache duration (600s in developpement, 3600s in production)


  • Allowing to add link or script tags in image_fields


  • Bugfix : the event noviusos_form::data_validation makes a warning if it returns nothing