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Last conversation: New minor version for Novius OS Elche : 5.0.1 by Foine, wed 30 july
I have a problem
Something's broken? A problem has you stuck? We're here to help.
If you've encountered a bug, please report it on GitHub. If in doubt, report it here.
Last conversation: Can't select German Language by osuess, thu 17 july
I have a question
Something's unclear? You'd like to find out more? Ask your question here.
Last conversation: How can i theme / skin novius-os? by mjkrakowski, tue 20 may
I have an idea
You know how Novius OS could be bettered? You'd like to request a feature? Submit it here.
I have tips to share
Share your apps, tutorials and snippets for Novius OS here.
Last conversation: Add Japanese URL filtering to friendly_slug by Fumito MIZUNO, sat 13 september
I want to translate Novius OS
Novius OS translators, get help here. Please read the translator's guide to Novius OS.
For direct messages, email us: translate at novius-os dot org.
Last conversation: Translation to Portuguese by mcandeias, tue 13 may
The technologies powering Novius OS
Here is the place to talk HTML5, FuelPHP, jQuery UI, Wijmo or TinyMCE.
Last conversation: Novius OS coding standards by Antoine Lefeuvre, 27 September 2012
Your opinion on Novius OS
Like? Dislike? We want to hear what you think of Novius OS.